Jay Thakur

Indian [Nashik]

DJ. Producer. Artist. Jay Thakur a passionate artist hailing from India. The journey for electronic dance music began back in 2019 when he dropped his very first track, “Lux” on SoundCloud. Following eight tracks back-to-back after it.

Jay’s music is all about the beats, the drops and the euphoria that comes with it. 

In November 2022, the debut single “Reverse” was released on Spotify, following after it, “Flames” in the same year. With the beginning of 2023, he released an electrifying singles “Reunion”, and the latest “Voices”. 

Dedicated towards honing his craft, exploring the new sonic landscapes, and evolving as an artist. With eight tracks on SoundCloud and his debut on Spotify, Jay is very excited to keep the pushing boundaries and sharing his music the world. 

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